Institute for Research and Development of New Technologies

Address: 17, Pham Kinh Vy, Ben Thuy,  
Vinh City, Nghe An Province, Viet Nam
Tel: (84) 989.544.250
Fax: (84) 383.555.669


The historical development of Institute for Research and Development of New Technologies, or IRDNewTech, may be measured by months. It was established February 8th, 2011 and action by the Law of Science and Technology promulgated June 9 th, 2000 and by Decision No. 23/KH-CN, issued by the Department of Science and Technology of Nghe An Province on 23 March 2011. IRDNewTech has since expanded rapidly in terms of research and education. With more 60 researchers working part-time and the IRDNewTech staffs offering study programs in three academic clusters: Information Technology, Education Technology and Material Technology; cooperating domestically and internationally with many institution in education and research. IRDNewTech has signed memorandums of understanding with universities in Thailand and send students to go to study for bachelor degree in Nakhon Phanom University; Udon Thani Rajabhat University; Maha Sarakham Rajabhat University; Roi-Et Rajabhat University; Khon Kaen University; Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-ok. IRDNewTech has signed memorandums of understanding with other universities in French; Australia; China; Japan and Cambodia.


Our life only changes when we continuously creative, innovate and make progress at any time.


1. To promote researching, development of new technologies and its application about Information Technology, Education Technology, Material Technology and the other domain for growing local economy-society and community:
Our fate and social equality only change when we continuously create, innovate and make progress at any time.

2. To provide educational services and academic development at all levels of society so as individuals’ intellectual growth and self-development in the aspects of knowledge, ethics and morality.


1. The IRDNewTech is a centre of research and development for technological transfer at the society level as well as raising community applications and competitiveness.

2. Provide education at all levels to meet the demands of the locality.

3. Produce learning networks and contribute to cooperation among higher education institutes, both domestically and internationally.


1. Institute Council
2. Academic Council
3. Scientific Council
4. Administrative Office
5. Training Department
6. Department of Science management and International Relation
7. Center of Informatics Application
8. Center of Fostering Scientific and Technological Development

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